A horror story with a happy ending

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I feel W A R M E R already

anonymous asked: makorra or kataang?


Makorra - Meeting The Family

request from dorkymako




felt like doodling a badass Korra


Guys it’s a super-important-life-risking mission, please.

More of the au i’ve been working on, these are panels (that i didnt really mean to post but hey) from the comic I’m doing about Eren and Jean being themselves and Jean still having trust issues in Eren. Also sorry about my handwritting„,


cute pic of me and my son




ChaosLife - Homo Hint

With comments too great not to include. You should check the heck out of that webcomic series either way 8D

The comments on this are every bit as fabulous as the actual comic :D

This would be a lot easier than having to figure it out yourself

You can be the king but watch the queen conquer


I’m sure everyone has been tired of my recent slew of sales posts…so here’s the boys~!!

They probably need to rethink their ugly fashion choices life decisions. What happened? Something stupid like Bertl bumping his face into a street sign. Where are they going? Probably another gay bar.


Zuko — Still Awkward 70 Years Later

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